At Harrison & Dietrich, PLLC, we devote a substantial amount of our practice to family law.  No matter which area of family law you need assistance in, the Trial Lawyers at Harrison & Dietrich, PLLC are here to help.  The attorneys at Harrison & Dietrich, PLLC will gladly take the time to explain your rights and the aspects of your case.

As spouses and parents, we understand the importance of family.  We also, however, understand that for some people, the ending of a marriage is a reality.  Whether this is the case, or you need help in a child custody dispute, with child support, would like to adopt a child, or need to modify an existing order or decree, you can bet that the Trial Lawyers as Harrison & Dietrich, PLLC can help.  We have the training and experience necessary to effectively represent you in attempting to resolve your contested issues through mediation or to zealously and effectively present your case to a judge or jury at trial.

The attorneys at Harrison & Dietrich, PLLC practice in the family law courts in Montgomery and surrounding counties on a daily basis.  It is with this experience along with the knowledge and skills of our seasoned Trial Lawyers that we will be able to assist you in your time of need.  You should have an experienced and skilled attorney to protect your rights to your children and your property.  Trust Harrison & Dietrich, PLLC.

The areas of family law that we practice are generally divided up as follows:

Divorce with and without Children
Child Custody Suits
Child Support Orders and Modifications
Property Division
Modifications of Existing Orders or Decrees
Enforcement of Existing Orders or Decrees
Contempt of Court Cases
CPS Cases
Attorney Ad Litem Appointments
Grandparents Rights